We started a long time ago here in Orlando. We have gained a great reputation from our clients because we have put into so much of our heart into this company. We built it up from the bottom. At first, the business was small. We were two friends that were obsessed with a good cleaning job and the aesthetic it brought into a home. Just two maids we were completely understood that cleaning well, changes the feel of everything. It brings harmony to space and allows more freedom for day and tranquility for a rest at night. So we were doing our job and loving it and we kept growing. Our demands were getting more than we could meet and we wanted to make everyone happy. It was important for us to include organic green cleaning services here in Orlando. So our services were becoming more popular because of everything we offered. We had to expand and hire more staff. We couldn’t just have anyone though. We knew we wanted all our maids and cleaning professionals to be up to the exact same standard we had been providing our clients. That involved figuring out a training method so we knew they were up to code. Then just for everyone’s peace of mind, we made back round checks of our staff mandatory in the hiring process. However that was now years ago, and we have been cleaning and working with our army of maids for years. We have expert experience and it comes across in the results we get out clients.

Green Cleaning