commercial cleaning

If you are a business owner you understand that appearance is everything. Uniform across the board for a business to get as many clients as they need the look of the place is important and that always includes the cleanliness. Keeping your place of business tidy clean and organized is a huge part of keeping it successful. When you have your place of business in order and clean clients are more drawn to work with you. It makes the business more appealing, professional and in terms of health and safety much more responsible. The professionals that we have hired for Maid Service of Orlando will make sure your business is nice and clean.

Commercial Cleaning Includes…

Schools, stores, malls, hairdressers, day cares, old age homes, cafeterias, restaurants, coffee shops, offices, public transit stations, and workshops. Anything that is not a residential area that needs a cleaning service we can provide that cleaning. When your business is clean and shiny your employees were be more productive. No matter what kind of space you needed scrubbed and tidied our maid services are fully capable of working in any environment and getting it to that peak place of cleanliness. When it is time to get that place cleaned and sparkling we are the best cleaners for the job.


When we do a cleaning job we bring on the professionalism to it’s fullest. Depending when you want your commercial property cleaned, if it is morning, noon or overnight, we arrive in our uniform and start working away quietly and fast. Cleaning thoroughly and swiftly we tidy up everything so the place of business will look like new management took over. The refreshed professional feel that we bring to the commercial property can’t be beat. When you have us doing your cleaning you are more fully equipped to not only appear more professional but focus on your professional pursuits outside of the cleanliness of your property.


Cleaning commercial property is different than residential spaces. The jobs tend to be larger. They also tend to be a little more heavy duty. That is why when we do a commercial job we assess how many maids need to be sent over to the job to the best order it should be completed in. We are completely equipped with the right kind of cleaning supplies for cleaning commercial property. We have the giant sweeping brooms the industrial mops and even a wet vac for those hard to get dusty clean up sites. When it comes time to clean your space we have all the tools we need.


Our standard of clean is very high. When you hire us you are getting every corner dusted swept and mopped. When we leave a space it is like the space is brand new to the world. We make sure that we get everything cleaned so when you come in your commercial property is fresh and like new to you and inviting and bright to customers clients potential clients and students. Having a clean place makes it much more welcoming to anyone that is coming in. With our maid services your commercial space will always be clean. Maid Service of Orlando know how to clean commercial spaces better than any other cleaning service in Florida.

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