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We are a flexible cleaning company with amazing talents. When you have run into a mess/problem that needs a specific kind of scrub down or skill we are the cleaning company for you. Our maids and professional cleaners have worked in Orlando for years coming up with various solutions for various problems. Whatever the mess maybe call us and we work together to find the exact solution that you need to restore your property space and or furniture to the way it was. Maid Service of Orlando isn’t just for dusting and sweeping kitchens, we clean everything.


When we are cleaning all that matters is getting the space back to an orderly flow. No matter what kind of space we are working in we understand what needs to happen. If that means scrubbing the floor, or sweeping up saw dust, we are the cleaning company for your needs. Our cleaning skills are fine-tuned and are experience is vast. From pool change rooms to department stores, to your neighbor’s bungalow – are cleaning services clean every type of space and we have all the right tools. If we could show you our job list since we started it would like we have cleaned everything in Orlando Florida.


First of all when you phone us for a custom solution we listen. We listen to everything that you are telling us. We listen to what needs to be cleaned, what happened and why it needs to be cleaned. We listen to when it has to be cleaned by and to what state of organized you are expecting in our solution. When we do this we can fully grasp exactly what your needs in this situation may be. This is our priority because then when we have all the information on what you need we can grasp more what exactly we need to do for you and then we can shape the job we give to our employees with exact directions.

Cleaning Equipment

We do an array of jobs in our other services. This means that we have all the supplies any job could need. In a sense, we are equipped for whatever you throw at us. From carpet cleaners and specific stain removing solutions to industrial-sized mopping buckets and safety disposal equipment we have all the equipment that you could need. When we discuss what you need for your custom solution we will be that bit more to serve you and understand exactly what you need so we can accommodate the job to the best of our abilities.

Hard Working

Our staff is a hard-working group of maids and professional cleaners. We have the staff we do because we set the highest precedence in the industry. When we send our maids and or professional cleaners to do a job for a client we know that they are going to give it everything they have got to get that job done to an immaculate finish. We are the cleaning solutions of Orlando Florida because of this. When you need a customized solution you will come to us because our reputation goes far beyond our reach. Maid Service of Orlando’s custom solutions is what you need when you have a job you don’t know what to do with.

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