Janitorial cleaning equipment/tools

We here at Maid Service of Orlando have been cleaning the commercial property of Orlando Florida with our specialized janitorial services for years. The expertise and flexibility that as a company we have gathered has always expanded into janitorial services. When you need the service of janitor our maids and cleaning professionals are more than equipped with the right tools and more than skilled. Ask anyone of our clients that have requested these services and you will quickly find out that we are very skilled and professional. We clean whenever the time of your day us to clean.


When it comes to our janitorial services we hold ourselves accountable for the best janitorial services in Orlando. When our maids or cleaning professionals are on the job for you the quality of job that we get done is our responsibility. We make sure that our workers are doing the best they can for you, and if they are not we need to know about it. A job time request for late-night or early in the morning doesn’t always need the extra guarantee but we give it. Our staff knows that no matter the house they will bring their all to the job.


Our janitorial services are the most reliable in Orlando. It is important for us that our employees are dependable for our clients. It is a priority that they show up for the hours scheduled and do the best job they can do. We teach this imperativeness in the beginning at training, it is part of our employee motto. We do this so it comes across so the client can sense it and without a doubt be comfortable with us as a company and with each Maid Service of Orlando individual cleaner or maid we send over to them.


Janitorial duties are usually requested for commercial buildings and larger properties. As that it the more common request we always make sure to have the right equipment for any job, but when it is janitorial services we double-check that we have what we need. We have the industrial mops, industrial mop buckets, and the proper yellow safety signage when washing the floor. We also train and teach our janitorial staff on the correct industrial cleaning solutions that may or may not be requested from the client. We are fully prepared so when you get your janitorial services you can know for confidence that the job was done well.


Our staff is fully trained and understanding of the stark difference of a house clean to a janitorial service job. Our trained professional cleaners know how to get a commercial job clean expertly. When you need a maid for your house and a janitor for your office you only need one number. When you call us for assistance we are always happy to help you out. When it comes to getting the right person for the job in cleaning, we have a great staff that we are really proud of. We know our employees make excellent janitors because we trained them.

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