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​We have so many things in our lives that are our top priorities. It is easy for all of us to get behind on the daily tidying routine of our own space. When you begin to see that your floor needs a good mopping, or that the dusting is piling up it can add to your stress of everything else you need to get done. That is why it is so beneficial for you to hire us, Maid Service of Orlando.

We have been serving Orlando for years and are happy to help you with your home.

About Us
We have been keeping homes in the Orlando Florida immaculate for years. Trusted, thorough, professional are maids are your best-kept secret. In and out like cleaning angels your home will be spotless and when you have friends and family over they will wonder how you have such a great career, busy social life and beautiful home.


​Our army of maids are the perfect solution to your organic green cleaning concerns. When we do a hour cleaning it is like your house was a freshly unpacked show room. Our services include everything you need. We do furniture cleaning, appliance leaning, baseboards, vents, countertops, windows, and mirrors. We do cleanings for AirBnB, HomeAway, HomeStay and VRBO. When you are looking for a Maid Service In Orlando look no further. If you are reading this you already know we are the best Maid Service for you.


House Cleaning

A house is a home waiting for people to live in it and make it their own. The only thing is when we make a house our home we usually cause a lot of disorder and mess. Getting it back that organized clean state is when it is at its most comfortable. When you need your house clean and spotless we are the solution for you. House cleaning is where we first started. Very trust worthy, organized and fast all our maids get a background check and special training so when they clean your house it is spotless.

Commercial Cleaning

Is your office space getting really dusty and crummy? Is the staff lunch room at your school needing a spruce up? Does the daycare need a solid clean over so all those toys can be sanitized? We clean everything and are experts at it. Schools, stores, malls, libraries, office buildings we do it all. We are specialists at cleaning commercial spaces so they are welcoming. Your clients, customers, students will recognize the difference and your business will welcome it.

Hospitality Cleaning

The most important thing any guests notices when they have arrived at their hotel or bed and breakfast is the state of cleanliness. It can really catch up to you if you have a high turnover and that is how your want to make those dollars. When you hire Maid Service Orlando we will clean your place so it shines. If you are running an AirBnB or any other kind of Hospitality business we are the cleaners for you.


Move In/Out Cleaning

Moving is a very exciting time in a person’s life. It signifies new things and big changes. One of the most important aspects to moving is making the place yours and that always starts with a clean slate. Getting the place you just moved in professionally clean changes the energy of the area and makes it ready to transition into your space. This is also for moving out. Leaving a place respectable isn’t just good manners but it also guarantees that you get all your deposit back.

Janitorial Services

When you need round the clock clean our Maid Services can be your janitorial service. Whether you want us to come in the middle of the night or the middle of the day we are available for you. Cleaning up kitchens, health care facilities, break rooms, bathrooms whatever you want us to clean we can do expertly.

Custom Solutions

When you need to get done a custom job in cleaning we are the service you need. We are flexible, well trained and experienced in all sorts of cleaning jobs. No matter what the service is that you need we can do it for you.


​When you have questions or concerns the best way to get your answers is to speak to someone directly. This is why Maid Service of Orlando encourages customer communication. By phoning the number provided on the website during our regular business hours you will reach one of highly trained professionals that can answer all your questions.

“I manage an old age home and our old cleaner was just getting really lazy because they thought they could. It felt so disrespectful. When we finally got the new cleaners it was like a different place. They did such a good job and all the residents were really pleased with them. We highly recommend Maid Service of Orlando.” Karen J.
“Our home was really messy. We had the kids, the dog, and we were both working. It was taking a toll on our marriage because it was adding to the stress and seemed impossible to keep up. Someone suggested to us that get a cleaner so we googled maid service Orlando, Orlando maid service, maid service in Orlando, cleaning services Orlando. Of course the first one that comes up is this one. Their reviews were great so we hired them for weekly cleans. We love the lady that comes. She comes on Fridays in the middle of the afternoon and every weekend just feels so much more relaxed now.” Robert M.
“I wanted a service that cared about the environment. I have been cleaning my café myself for years but it was just too much. And we had gotten so busy it didn’t make sense for the staff. They do a general closing down but a real clean I wanted a proper janitorial service and I wanted them to be using the kind of products that I would approve of. Thankfully Maid Service of Orlando uses all the green stuff that I love.” Raina W.